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Changes in the management of hockey in Montreal Canadiens

Changes in the management of hockey in Montreal Canadiens

MONTREAL – Jeff Molson, Owner, President and CEO of the Canadian Hockey Club, announced that Mark Bergiveen, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Trevor Timmins, Assistant General Manager, as well as Paul Wilson, Senior Vice President, Business and Communications, are being relieved of their jobs with immediate effect.

The process begins today in order to appoint the next General Manager as soon as possible. Among the selection criteria, in addition to recognized hockey experience, the new general manager must be able to communicate with fans in both French and English.

In order to ensure the continuity of the day-to-day operations of the hockey sector during this process, Mr. Molson enlists the services of Jeff Gorton who immediately joins the organization as Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations.

“On behalf of myself and the organization, I would like to thank Mark Bergvin, Trevor Timmins and Paul Wilson for their passion and commitment to our club over the past few years. Thanks to their hard work, they have made it possible for our fans to experience unforgettable moments, including last summer during qualifying that culminated in the Cup Final. Stanley “We wish them all the success they deserve as they pursue their careers. However, I believe it is time for a leadership change in our hockey division that will bring a new vision so that our fans and partners can continue to sponsor a team that can compete with the best in the league,” said Jeff Molson. .

Mr. Molson will meet with the media during a press conference on Monday at 11:00 am at the Bell Sports Complex in Broussard.

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