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Chang'e 6 |  A Chinese probe launches from the moon with samples from the far side

Chang'e 6 | A Chinese probe launches from the moon with samples from the far side

(Beijing) – The ascent module of China's Chang'e 6 probe successfully lifted off from the lunar surface on Tuesday, carrying samples from the far side, the first of its kind, state media reported.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported that the ascent module of the Chinese Chang'e-6 probe launched from the surface of the moon on Tuesday morning, carrying samples collected on the far side of the moon, which is an unprecedented achievement in the history of human exploration of the moon. Quoted from the Chinese Space Administration.

Chang'e 6 landed on Sunday in the massive Antarctica-Itkin basin, one of the largest known impact craters in the solar system, located on the far side, according to the space administration.

The probe's mission, which is scheduled to last 53 days, began on May 3, with the specific goal of collecting samples. To do this, it is equipped with a drill to retrieve samples from below the surface, and a boom to pick up material directly from the surface.

After successfully collecting samples, “the Chinese national flag carried by the lander was deployed for the first time on the far side of the moon,” Xinhua News Agency reported.

Scientists believe that the far side of the Moon – so called because it is not visible from Earth and not because it never captures sunlight – is very promising for research, because its craters are less covered by ancient lava flows than those on the visible side. .

Samples taken from the far side can provide a better understanding of how Earth's natural satellite was formed.

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