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Champions League Final: "A Horror" from the United Kingdom

Champions League Final: “A Horror” from the United Kingdom

OhAcross the channel, the Champions League final was not properly digested, and not just because Real, Liverpool lost 1-0. Pictures of thousands of red supporters, Blocked at the entrance to the State de France and receives tear gas canisters from the French police, do not pass. “We’re treated like criminals! In a video aired on Sky News, a fan showed his ticket. But we did nothing wrong. Some, with red eyes, cover their mouths and noses with their red scarves. , Gets gas in the face. “This is funny! One supporter protests. We go to Anfield every week and everything is going well. Why are tears being shed on us here? “The same situation among supporters who cough and cover their faces in the Liverpool fan zone in Vincennes. “French bastards! An Englishman shouts.

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The Liverpool club, which was confronted with the footage, said it was “very disappointing” and asked it to open an investigation “to determine the reasons for these unacceptable problems”. The Champions League final last night was thirty-six minutes late. According to UEFA and Police Headquarters, this was due to the fact that turnstiles prevented supporters from entering the stadium with fake tickets. From the State de France, he thanked Gerald Dormann’s police and accused thousands of British supporters of “sometimes abusing maids”. One hundred and five people were arrested. Sixty thousand Red supporters were in the capital on Saturday, with only 20,000 tickets allotted to them. Of them, the EasyJet flight of some has been canceled Travel in inflatable boatsTo support their team, Jersey connects the island with Saint-Malo.

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Shock state

At the stadium, a sign pointed out that the delay in the match was related to “the late arrival of fans”. “Completely inaccurate” version according to the club. Spirit of Shangley, the Facebook group of Liverpool fans, is outspoken in calling the final manipulation “inefficient.” He believes the French police do not know how to manage “local youth gangs before and after the match”. “You’re not late at all,” said a representative of the Liverpool district Mardesi police station in Paris, noting that he had attended his “worst European match.” “The behavior of the fans at Turnstiles in shocking situations was exemplary,” he added.

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The British press did not hide its shock either. “A pathetic night” for the BBC sports columnist; “Affected Scenes”, title The sun ; “A Horror”, the title meanwhile Dailymail, Pregnant women and their families have been targeted by the police. A BBC journalist, Nick Barrot, who came in person and attended the European finals, said on the radio that he had “received the spray for the first time”. [sa] Life. “Red Defender Andy Robertson called the administration a” disaster. “

The final, to be held in St. Petersburg, will be a test for Paris, which will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics. UEFA, meanwhile, called for “compassion for the victims.” It will examine these events “and this chaotic administration as a matter of” urgency. “