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CH will have the advantage of being able to claim first

CH will have the advantage of being able to claim first

We all know there is very little chance of the Montreal Canadiens starting the 2022-2023 season with the roster they currently have on hand.

The Habs have quite a few wings, especially if Juraj Slafkovsky starts the NHL season.

Obviously, Kent Hughes has not re-signed with Rem Petlake to play the fourth line or even the 13th striker.

Also, as mentioned several times already, Kirby Dach is still not under contract. Kent Hughes currently has approximately $250,000 in salary cap space.

So it’s almost certain that CH will have to make an exchange in order to put Kirby Dach under contract.

Well, it’s not just Dash that Hughes wants more space under the roof.

In fact, The general manager of CH has already said it, he wants to add a right-wing defender to his defensive brigade.

How does Kent Hughes think he can add a right-hand man?

Well, he has several options.

In fact, it’s not just by signing or exchanging that the Hab can add a defender.

There is also compromise, an element that is often forgotten.

CH will be the first team to decide whether or not to demand the assignment of a player. This is a very big advantage, the cost of which was the final in the National Hockey League last season.

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With so many teams in the NHL so tight with a salary cap, many interesting names may find themselves on early season concessions as each team finishes their roster for the 2022-2023 campaign.

So, once there is an interesting player who has a good contract to give up, CH can first decide whether or not they want to claim it.

So waiver remains an element that should definitely be watched closely, especially since Kent Hughes has mentioned this one.

“If we can find, and we believe there will be one – either through trade or concessions – a left-handed defender that will be available to us. […] We’ll keep looking to see if there’s an option to bring in someone who can relieve some of that pressure on the right side. – Kent Hughes

In addition, we must not forget that the Hab, in the past, enjoyed success through concessions. We can think of, among others, Paul Byron and Rem Petlake.

Even Kale Clague was an interesting choice at the time. It won’t pay off, but who knows, maybe CH will drop on Clague 2.0 which will pay off this time around.

to know more, I quote the MTLHockeyNow article here.

Many of

– I still can’t believe it.

– In fact !

“I imagine it spoils the honeymoon a bit.

– That would be great.

– That makes this story more misrepresented.

– Wow, what a massacre of the Blue Jays.