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CH: Who will be the judges on Thursday?

CH: Who will be the judges on Thursday?

The Montreal Canadiens and Vegas Golden Knights can face off against referees Kelly Sutherland and Eric Furlatt in Game Six of the Stanley Cup semifinals on Thursday at the Bell Center.

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And according to the Athletic Sports website, on Wednesday, many observers expect the duo of officials to oversee the second consecutive meeting in this series. The two men were stationed Tuesday at the T-Mobile Arena for the duel, which the Habs won 4-for-1. The evening was not particularly lively in terms of penalties: each club was penalized twice.

Previously, the work of Chris Lee and Dan O’Rourke in Duels 3 and 4 in Montreal was widely criticized. They chose to turn a blind eye to several gestures, including a raised wand on Corey Berry’s face during overtime in Game 3.

The first and second confrontations took place in Las Vegas under the supervision of referees Francis Sharon and Gord Dwyer.

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