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CH matches: straps require a little flexibility

CH matches: straps require a little flexibility

Quebec bar owners are asking the government for some flexibility in light of the Montreal Canadiens’ third-round matches against the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

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While they will be able to welcome customers inside their establishment from Monday, the late hour of matches may conflict with the closing time imposed by health measures.

These measures provide in particular to stop the sale of alcoholic beverages at 11 pm, and to close the facility at midnight.

“Maybe there will be no problem. The match will probably end at 11:30 pm. But we are telling the government, if the game ends at 11:55 pm, not all people will be out by midnight. There may be an extension until midnight after midnight, Says Renaud Paulin of the Bar, Pub and Tavern Owners Association.

That’s why they requested a two-hour extension of the game’s nightly shutdown.

“If the government allows us an extra two hours on Monday and Wednesday, it will help us manage this whole situation better,” he said.

As of Saturday afternoon, the Quebec government had not provided a response to the request.

Mr. Boleyn remains optimistic and explains that he wants to prevent customers from being fined if the match ends at 11:55 p.m. and customers don’t have time to leave the building before midnight, for example.

Also note that pub terraces can be open since Friday.

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