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“CH does not hunt in Quebec because…”

The “Le Colisée” segment, featuring Jean-Charles Lajoie and Tony Marinaro, on Wednesday tackled a very sensitive topic in Quebec: how few Quebec players the Canadians have drafted year after year.

Historically, according to the two facilitators, the Boston Bruins often drew “on their court,” during various selection sessions. He asked the two men “Why doesn’t CH in turn follow the same thing, and above all, what is waiting for him to do so?”

Lajoie was particularly insightful on this topic.

“Canadiens must have been inspired by the Bruins! How many times have the Bruins drafted in New England? Often! There’s a pack mentality in Boston. The guys stand up. Often, even skaters from out of town who come to Boston to play Hockey ends up dreaming of the Bruins. Why, in Montreal, don’t we understand that sons Pierre, Jean, and Jacques are dreaming of the Canadians? Why does CH just draft Quebecers in the fifth, sixth, or seventh rounds and then stack them at Laval? I think that’s disrespectful!”

Well, in vitality, “JiC” didn’t stop there.

“When Cole Cofield got injured, the season got interesting again when Alex Pelzel and Rafael Harvey Benard were called up. I hope we take notes internally! Let’s learn the lessons. If we don’t learn from this, we never will!”

Tony Marinaro, I risked guessing, but insisted that he only reported what he heard right and left.

“CH doesn’t recruit in Quebec because the QMJHL still has a reputation for players who don’t perform at 200 feet and who aren’t the most physical and courageous.”

The statement quickly revived the discussion.

Watch the full clip in the main video.

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