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CH: Chris Weidman ‘knows it sucks’

You can’t blame Chris Weidman for his lack of humility.

In his second season with the Montreal Canadiens, in 2022-2023, the 33-year-old defender played 46 matches. He had six assists and 81 penalty minutes. The National Hockey League (NHL) may be the cream of hockey players in the world, but according to the St. Louis native, it’s nothing short of bad.

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So Weidman was self-deprecating when he appeared on “The Cam & Strick Podcast” on Tuesday.

“My wife gets messages on social media like, ‘Your husband is so bad! “You think we don’t already know? I’ve been paid minimum wages in this league for 10 years. You think I don’t know that I’m bad?”

Defending the fourth-round selection of the Ottawa Senators in 2009, he played 291 games at the Pittman Arena. According to the specialized website CapFriendly, his NHL contracts have also brought him over $5.3 million.

Besides his skills on the ice ー and his mark as an athletics specialist, the significance of which is questionable, Wideman is a valued member of the locker room and one of Cole Caufield’s best friends on the team, as in many witnesses. Complicity moments on social networks.

Inspired by “Coach” St. Louis

Weidman also highlighted the immediate impact Martin St. Louis had on the Hab when he joined the team on February 9, 2022.

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He also called the pilot’s first speech in Quebec one of the “most amazing” moments of his career.

“Someone called me the day before to say Martin St. Louis was going to be our new head coach,” Weidman said. I replied, “Really? What is his expertise? Pediatric judgment?” We found that interesting. He’s one of the players I enjoyed watching as a kid.

“The speech he gave united a group that seemed so low, it was lost. I will never forget him. I can’t share what he said in detail, but the fact that our equipment manager [Pierre Gervais]who had been there for more than 30 years, said it was the best speech he had ever heard in his life saying so much.”

Weidman has a somewhat atypical background, having played a season in the Continental Hockey League and several campaigns in the American League. He was charmed by St. Louis Baggage, whose tenacity and resilience allowed him to climb the ladder in the ring.

He looked at us, in the locker room, and told us he was in our shoes. “I was a little league player,” he told us. A man who fought for his position in the NHL. I was an ordinary player, a Stanley Cup champion and a star player.

Weidman will be able to take advice from St. Louis for one more season, at least, since he’s under contract with the Habs through 2024.

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