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CFL: The Alouettes don't expect to face the Roughriders themselves on Saturday

CFL: The Alouettes don’t expect to face the Roughriders themselves on Saturday

RDS and RDS live He will present the match between the Alouettes and the Roughriders starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

From his first offensive possession, Aluette was able to enter the thrust zone. However, Trevor Harris suffered a quarterback sent off in second place and Montreal had to settle for a field goal to open the scoring.

Then, late in the first quarter, Aloitte’s defense lost coverage at the expense of Mitchell Pickton. He took the opportunity to pass a pass from Cody Fajardo into the end zone to give the riders the lead.

But the Alouettes had more than one trick up their sleeve. In the following seconds, Chandler Worthy kicked back another 84 yards to restore the lead to Montreal. Worthy scored a rematch touchdown for the second consecutive game.

With 70 seconds left in the first half, kicker Brett Luther netted a 57-yard field long goal to cut the lead to 13-11.

Saskatchewan was quick to recharge for the third quarter. Jamal Morrow made a 12-yard run to get into the end zone and take back the Roughriders’ four-point lead.

The Knights returned to work in the middle of the shift. Fajardo slipped into the middle, then Saskatchewan converted two points to take a 25-13 lead.

As if that wasn’t enough, Fajardo joined Kian Shaffer Baker in a 44-yard touchdown that took Saskatchewan’s lead to 32-13.

The Alouettes gave a sign of life in the fourth quarter, when Walter Fletcher hit a three-yard touchdown that reduced the deficit to 12 points.

before the match

Montreal – Playing the same team two weeks in a row requires an entirely different setup. That’s what Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan Roughriders will experience on Saturday.

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Alois (1-2) can’t trust what the Raiders (2-1) showed as playing patterns in Montreal’s 37-13 win last Thursday at Percival-Molson Stadium.

“The past should not be taken for granted; we have to reset the counter, analyzed the offensive line coach, Luke Brodur Jordan. The winning teams do that: they turn the page on the past and only care about the future. We expect more pressure from them: since the start of the season, they have shown more Lightning attacks, more pressure. They played against us more conservatively.”

“You have to look at it as two completely different games,” said goalkeeper Christian Matt. There will always be squad changes due to injury or otherwise. But even if it’s the same team, it’s different. On the other hand, we’re starting to see trends: We’ll know a little bit about how they do things, but it’s the same for them. »

Head coach Harry Jones had a slightly more nuanced view.

“The difference is what it is: There are some games that you schedule and some things that you do automatically,” he noted. They know little about what we’re going to do and we know what they’re going to do, but there will obviously be differences. It is the team that will do the best, and the team that will do the best that will win.

“On both sides, I am sure he has matches that were not used in the first match. There are also things that we have discovered in this game. We will do our best, hopefully that will suffice.”

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home field advantage

Taking on the Riders at home, at Mosaic Stadium, on Canada Day Weekend, promises to be another challenge for Aluette.

It’s going to be a party, said Andre Bolduc, assistant coach. It’s their job there: they take care of their team. It’s expected to be full and boisterous.

“We’ll have to manage the first five minutes with the noise, the cheering crowd. Then they’ll sit down. It would be fun for us to get a good sustainable first line or force them to kick quickly.”

“Playing there is always difficult with their new stadium and the noise,” Jones admitted. But I like to play in that atmosphere, and I think our players appreciate it too. In the end, it’s about two teams playing football and everything around it doesn’t matter much. We have to do what we have to do. »

The Alouettes have also taken the necessary steps to prepare for all that noise, training under the clamor of the crowd all week.

“We worked on quiet beats, as we always do before a game in Regina or Winnipeg or Ottawa: places where the crowd can turn into a problem,” quarterback Trevor Harris said. It can become a problem when midfield and attack don’t align, but football is football. »

“It is expected to be loud, especially after last week,” Mattie added. It is always difficult to play in Saskatchewan and it is always difficult to win back-to-back games against the same team. On the communication side, we trained all week with a lot of noise. »

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The Alouettes will benefit from the first week of the season after this game, before returning to play their home game against the Edmonton Elks on July 14.