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CFL: Garrett Marino received a four-game ban

CFL: Garrett Marino received a four-game ban

Saskatchewan Rogriders defensive line Garrett Marino has received three different suspensions from the Canadian Football League along with a stern letter from Commissioner Randy Ambrose.

The events took place on Friday during the Roughriders’ 28-13 victory over the Ottawa Redblacks. Suspensions are the most severe disciplinary measures imposed by the CFL for conduct on the field.

“This behavior has no place in our league,” Ambrosi said in a statement on Monday. This disciplinary action is intended to send a strong message that it will not be tolerated. »

Marino was suspended twice for a dangerous and reckless low kick to Redblacks midfielder Jeremiah Masoli. The move resulted in a serious injury and Marino was also expelled from the match for his later celebration.

Marino received a one-match suspension due to verbal comments made during the match about Masoli’s legacy, which violates the CFL’s code of conduct. He received another one-match suspension for his illegal and reckless interference against forward Rouge et Noir in a previous play.

The CFL also cited Marino’s discipline history after just 12 CFL games, which includes another sending off and two fines.

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