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Cérébrale Académie to strengthen your crust as a family

Cérébrale Académie to strengthen your crust as a family

Nintendo updates on the Switch, a semi-educational bestseller that was originally published on its portable DS console. To get a tremendous result of efficiency. From the age of 7 years.

Once we think of the pure video game puzzles that are supposed to rejuvenate our Nintendo brainpower, Dr. Program kushima brain training It is the first bestseller that comes to mind. However, we tend to forget about it Brain Academy, originally published in 2005, has also sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. Its update on the Switch console isn’t surprising on paper after all.

Less Focused on Reading and Math – Dr. Kawashima’s Hobby Horse, Brain Academy He is more than just a jack of all trades. So it contains about twenty mini-games categorized into five categories, like many brain muscles that need to be developed and maintained: memorizing, imagining, analyzing, recognizing and calculating.

Brain Academy. The battle of the meninges.


Evening game or party!

The great novelty of this difference is to offer a powerful dose of symbiosis to change this Brain Academy in an excellent way party gameAny evening video game or party. On our own, we quickly wander through the mini-games on offer. Anyway, they are designed so that we come back to them frequently in order to improve our scores through periods of peak difficulty, and to have something to enrich our primal token wardrobe. However, it gets really addicting when you turn on the multiplayer mode – the famous “brain battle” in translation – where up to four people can compete.

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Its attractiveness is based on the simplicity of the rules, which makes it accessible to as many people as possible. But its best asset is undoubtedly the modularity of the difficulty level: each player can raise or lower the bar as they wish before the match. Thus, adults and children can compete with prints that match their ages. The former thus avoids the boredom logically caused by the absence of challenge, while the latter continues to enjoy without being overwhelmed.

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And Brain Academy. meninges battle Nintendo. Available on Nintendo Switch. From the age of 7 years.