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CEO position: Meet Patrick Roy at the end of the week

CEO position: Meet Patrick Roy at the end of the week

Montreal Canadiens have begun meeting with various candidates for the role of team general manager and are expected to speak with Patrick Roy by the end of the week.

That’s what our journalist Renault Lavoie learned on Wednesday. According to him, Roy should discuss with the CH selection committee Friday.

“The first round (of interviews) will end on Friday if all goes as planned, we meet roughly two to three candidates a day,” he told TVA Sports in the evening.

Our colleague added, “There may be a second round next week with the aim of announcing within ten days.”

In addition to Roy, Daniel Brier (Flairs), Matthew Darchy (Lightning), Mark Dennis, Kent Hughes, Stefan Quintal, Daniel Sauvago, and Emily Castongway, among the potential candidates that could be met by a selection committee formed by Jeff Molson and Jeff Gorton, Michael Andlauer, and Bob Jenny, among others .

Roy It was widely admired by the public Since the dismissal of the previous General Manager, Mark Bergievin, and the appointment of Vice President of Hockey Operations, Jeff Gorton.

However, Quebec recruiter for Anaheim Dicks Martin Madden’s name will have to be removed from the list of potential candidates for the position of CEO of the boarding complex. According to Raynaud, the California organization intends to retain the services of Madden, who has an “excellent reputation” throughout the league.

The Montreal organization also pleased many supporters and observers on Wednesday by announcing the appointment of former RDS journalist Chantal Machabe as its vice president of communications.

Watch Renaud Lavoie’s explanations in the main video.

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