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Celine Dion's postponement appears again

Celine Dion’s postponement appears again

Celine Dion announced, Friday, the postponement of all concerts of her “Courage World Tour” tour, which was scheduled in Europe this year, until 2023, due to a health problem.

“I feel a little better…but I still have cramps,” the Quebec star explained to the song in a press release published in France by the magnificent Paris La Défense Arena.

“I’m so sorry for having to change the European tour dates again; the first time was because of the pandemic, now because of my health,” said the 54-year-old singer.

“To be on stage, I have to be at my best. To be honest, I can’t wait, but I’m not quite ready yet…I’m doing my best to be 100% back on stage, because that’s what you deserve. She.”

Listen to Sophie Durocher’s column at Philippe Vincent Foissy’s microphone on QUB Radio:

Celine Dion had performed the first 52 shows of the tour before the pandemic began in early 2020. The singer had announced last January that she had canceled the North American segment of the tour due to her health issues.

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