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Celine Dion, tragic end, the world is in shock

Celine Dion, tragic end, the world is in shock

Soon, Celine Dion returns to the stage after two years of absence, and is on the front page of a popular magazine provoking a “tragic end”.

“Dreadful news, Celine Dion, tragic end, the world is in shock,” announces Histoires Vérité.

But on the inside pages, there is no doubt about the current setbacks of the Quebec star, but the deaths of a few relatives including Her husband, Rene Angelil, Died of generalized cancer. This drama will continue to weigh heavily on his current life.

And while she had not yet made her Noah, Celine Dion lost her brother Daniel two days later. The loathsome crab carried him as well.

If the singer is still in the worst possible shape, it’s because she wouldn’t have taken the time to come to terms with these disappearances. Psychological consequences to be resented. She would have rushed to work. He said his body had stopped.

Despite his weakness, fortunately his return is scheduled for May 25 in Birmingham, England and then this summer at Paris La Defense Arena.

A relative of the star, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed this return in the Parisian columns.

The publication stated that “despite the delays associated with Covid-19, all concerts have been sold out, i.e. 192,000 tickets sold”. The Chamber has received confirmation from Celine Dion’s cast that the shows will take place.

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