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Celine Dion: Her son Rene Charles does sporting feats ... calm in the face of his mother's health?

Celine Dion: Her son Rene Charles does sporting feats … calm in the face of his mother’s health?

At the age of twenty, Rene Charles became a young man in his sneakers: goodbye to long hair, hello to friends, alcoholic parties, first girlfriends and even a career in music. Son Celine Dion And her late husband Rene Angelil are also addicted to sports, from hockey to golf. On Instagram, he shared his recent exploits.

On his Instagram account, which he repurposed to start his career as a rapper under the pseudonym Big Tip, René-Charles shared new photos on Tuesday, December 14. We could see him with his friends in front of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas but also and especially at Shadow Creek, a great golf course planted in the Nevada desert. In this course, the young man was successful. “Would you believe me if I told you I did a 59 point course?Usually finishes in less than 60 strokes are reserved for elite golf professionals. But there is no doubt that the family’s passion for the sport, which he has practiced – since childhood, has played into his abilities to work miracles.

Rene Charles could share his golf course with his mother, who is a huge fan. But the latest news is still troubling because Celine Dion – who suffers from severe muscle spasms – can no longer walk or get out of bed. And it’s not the recent statements made by her clan that have changed much in the face of the beast of her fans who have been seeing her on stage. Resort World Then on a world tour with a resume Courage World Tour. Some well-informed accounts in fan clubs are revealing rumors of an absence for several months. And the silence of the 53-year-old singer doesn’t help matters…

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