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Celebrity Big Brother: Double-edged sword

Celebrity Big Brother: Double-edged sword

Monday night marked the official start of the second season of Celebrity big brother Where the first exposure ceremony was held. Yes It was expected last yearThis year, it was quite the opposite. In fact, at the beginning of the show, head of the houseAnd Michel DeRochers he said to Some of his roommatesShe said she planned to put two boys at risk this week, as it was mostly women who were evicted from the home in the first weeks of last year. Well, we can see that the comedian got carried away in the game, because she did the exact opposite of what she said. Leaving the other candidates completely baffled.

Indeed, Michel DeRochers thus presented a danger to the world champion in video games, Stephanie Harvey As well as the future pop star, Eleanor Lagassi. Needless to tell you it was an emotionally charged party and the episode definitely left the audience in a thick fog and filled with questions.

Michelle Desrochers obviously started her game in 4th gear when she probably should have taken it more slowly and acted more subtly. The comedian may have let himself be carried away by his emotions, and his actions are sure to shock the other candidates.

But what happened has happened. By the end of the week, we’ll know who will win the veto, and whether it will be used.

Has Michelle DeRochers put her foot in the dishes?

We have the impression that very soon we will find out …

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