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Celebrating Women in Science: Meet the women of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Ventura, California

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Ashley McConnell, [email protected]

Meet the women of the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Ventura, California. Each year, we honor the active contributions of outstanding women to our ultimate mission: to preserve and protect rare fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continued benefit of the American people. In this video series, you’ll hear what inspired these women to pursue careers in conservation and what advice they give young women of today.

Did you know that the US Fish and Wildlife Service has an important relationship with one of the most prominent champions of conservation: Rachel Carson, who revolutionized US interest in environmental issues as one of the first female scientists and government leaders?

Watch the videos:

Nicole Webrin, wildlife biologist

Danielle Fagery, wildlife biologist

Rachel Henry, Habitat Conservation Plan Coordinator

Amy Dougal Agee, fish and wildlife biologist

Jennifer Strootman, fish and wildlife biologist

Kristi Scarazzo, logging and recovery plant specialist

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