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Celebrate the sun in all its glory!

Celebrate the sun in all its glory!

Space for Life celebrates astronomy with the fourth edition of AstroFest, the planetarium's annual gathering, free and for everyone. For the first time, the party will be held over two days: June 15 and 16, for double the fun!

This year AstroFest celebrates the sun. Did you know that activity on its surface reaches the peak of its 11-year cycle? 2024 has already given us an extraordinary total solar eclipse as well as the magnificent northern lights. And it's not over!

Get ready for take off

Intergalactic travelers are invited to the planetarium, which has been transformed for the occasion into a futuristic spaceport. Embark on the adventure and learn more about astronomy and this amazing star so close to us.

  • Participate in dozens of free astronomy discovery activities offered by more than thirty professional astronomy partners: creative workshops, crafts, information booths and great interactive experiences!
  • Take advantage of our experts and 10 telescopes to observe the sun during the day and the moon in the evening while tasting marshmallows just roasted over the fire.
  • Don't forget to stamp your travel diary in different areas of the spaceport so you don't miss anything at AstroFest.
  • The program also includes face painting, amusement rides and even a concert by the Urban Science Brass Band. It's all completely free*!
  • are you hungry? The Botanical Garden restaurant's mobile kiosk offers a fully vegetarian menu. Without forgetting our bar in the evening.

Saturday, June 15 | From 10 am to midnight
From 10 am to 6 pm.

Stalls, handicrafts, astronomical photo exhibitions, sun observing, etc. It's going to be an exciting day! Among the activities that will be held:

  • SIRIUS Astronaut Egg: You have about 20 minutes to create a spaceship that will allow your egg to land without breaking after a nice free fall. Fun guaranteed!
  • Patent your rover! Using a simple engine and reused materials, design your own unique rover, capable of traveling on the surface of a distant planet.
  • The Canadian Space Agency will introduce you to the challenges of lunar exploration missions by comparing Earth's sand and artificial lunar dust.
  • Montreal Libraries will launch the TD Summer Reading Club, offering activities and read-alouds throughout the space.
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From 6 pm to 9 pm

  • Two rooms, Gwen
    • In the Milky Way Theater, come hear from Jonathan Gagné, the planetarium's science advisor and associate professor at the University of Montreal, and Cassandra Bolduc, a space astronomy program scientist at the Canadian Space Agency, who specializes in heliophysics, who will tell you what will present a fascinating picture of the Sun and stars in our spatial region. read more.
    • At the Chaos Theater, follow the convention while enjoying a beer, glass of wine or gin accompanied by a cheese board, all provided by Vego Bar.
  • Urban Science Brass Band Concert

From 9 pm until midnight

  • Chasing the next eclipse!
    • Relive the April 8 eclipse in 360 degrees
    • Then set up your next eclipse hunting trip with Marc Gobin, eclipse chaser at the Milky Way Theater. read more.
    • Beer Under the Stars: Enjoy the work of Quebec's astrophotographers on the dome of the Theater of Chaos
  • Outdoors, you can roast marshmallows while observing the moon through a telescope. The activity is canceled in case of rain.

Sunday, June 16 | From 10 am to 6 pm.
From 10 am to 6 pm.
Booths, crafts, astronomical photo exhibits, sun observing, story times, water rocket launches and more.

From 10 am to 11 am
Interactive quiz game with CSA astronaut Joshua Kotric in the Milky Way Theater. Come test your knowledge and learn more about who will be the next Canadian Space Agency astronaut to fly to the International Space Station and the first Canadian astronaut to be part of NASA's commercial crewed missions program.

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*All AstroFest activities are free, but regular programming in the planetarium theaters remains subject to payment.

Outdoor activities will be canceled in case of rain.
We encourage you to use alternative means of transportation.