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Celebrate Science in Paofai Garden: Come See the Researchers!

Celebrate Science in Paofai Garden: Come See the Researchers!

The 30th edition of the Science Festival kicked off on November 10 at Paofai Park. It runs until November 19. During this event, you can interact with researchers and discover their work and approaches.

Science Festival 2021 is organized by Te Mana o te Moana Association on the theme “passion for discovery. It started with a photo gallery tracing the last 30 years of the event. Subsequently, the audience attended a series of conferences that brought together researchers from CRIOBE, Institut Mallardé, Météo France and the Institute for Simulation of Nature.

These conferences are free and open to all. The topics are varied and varied. They deal, for example, with rahui, sars covid 2, corals, green turtles, or in general climate change.

Environmental protection affects us all. Our priority is to change behavior patterns and habits in order to have the least possible impact on the environment. For example, avoid plastic and waste.

Helen Durand – Fête de la science . Coordinator

Established in 1991, Fête de la science is run by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Research in French Polynesia. This event is allowed Celebrating science by presenting it to the public in a fun, educational and interactive way by the scientific actors themselves, whether they are researchers, teachers or economic actors in local life ».

If science – in its complex terms – often seems unavailable, this festival presents an opportunity for scholars to present their work to the public in a clear, simple and fun way. In this sense, video capsules are also available on the site To discover scientific work from home.

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