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Caussade.  The exhibition of luxury continues in the space of Bonna

Caussade. The exhibition of luxury continues in the space of Bonna

Open since Saturday, the Wellness & Relaxation Fair runs this Sunday, April 3, from 10am-7:30pm in the Bonna District of Caussade with fifty suites and therapists: gentle treatments, organic products, personal development, and a fortune telling.

workshops. At 11 a.m. Natalie and Frederic sing, in brilliant blue, chemical sound therapy, dare your voice through different sequences and make it easy to let go. At 12 noon, Hans Saint-Lary discovered the sonic elixir of Frank Nebt (Harmony Music). At 3 p.m., Lynne Alibert, exorcism and liquidation of the house. At 4 p.m. Francoise Gadas, Spring Detox Remedies, Aloe Vera Benefits. At 5 p.m., Roxanne Dharma travels on a shamanic drum to meet her invisible allies.

conferences. at 11 a.m. Stella Giordaningo: Individual Gnostic Alchemy Based on the Concepts of Rudolf Steiner and Paracelsus; 12 p.m. Marie Cavarero: “Syncency: When the universe responds to our thoughts. What is synchronicity? What is their purpose?” ; 3 p.m. Sophie Gobo: “Freeing Yourself from Emotional Wounds to Restore Self-Confidence and Change Your Life,” Providing Shamanic Care; 4 p.m., Duluc Caroline: “Aloe vera benefits and risks to avoid”; 5 p.m. Francoise Gadas: “Spring detox treats the benefits of aloe arborescence.”

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