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Catherine Saint Laurent daring in her lingerie on Instagram for a one-of-a-kind photo shoot

Talented Actress She surprised her Instagram subscribers by sharing a series of photos where she revealed herself as never before, an athlete a trend loved by many celebrities.

Many world stars, including those who walked around in simple trousers dear In New York, I wear underwear as if they were shorts. The fashion trend makes sense as the mercury warms, slowly but surely.

GC photos

Everything indicates that Catherine’s more editorial look won’t be worn on a daily basis, but the star still managed to make an impression by revealing her infinitely long legs for a photo shoot by Jamie Francoeur.

In addition to her iconic boxer briefs, she also wore one that contrasted with the simpler look of the rest of the ensemble.

A must-have for the Spring 2023 season, which catches our eye! Many celebrities were keen to emphasize the boldness of the actress, who was recently in Cannes for the series seems to goincluding actress Sophie Nelis.

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There’s no doubt that local celebrities dare to post stunning snaps on social media that elicit comments. Recently, they also set Instagram on fire.

They inspire us!

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