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Catherine Proulx LeMay: Our show is part of this new movement

Catherine Proulx LeMay: Our show is part of this new movement

This summer she appeared in the play May contain traces of egoCatherine Proulx LeMay has been happy with the revitalization that has occurred in summer production for some time.

“We have a preconceived notion that summer theater is just for older people. But I'm finding that more and more, with Monarque productions for example, which offer shows for the general public (Call me Stefan, Santa Claus is trash), there is a change of energy with summer theater and I find that frankly interesting,” expressed the actress, who also believes that if plays presented in summer are more accessible and less stressful than theater in season, they are also no less interesting.

“On the contrary, we can see pieces that are very intelligent, very funny and also poignant,” she added.

May contain traces of ego

Ben Bellos/JdeM

According to her, the changing of the guard is due to the arrival of new producers into this ecosystem, in particular with Marc-André Collier who took over the management of the La Marjolaine Theater in 2003, or with André Robitaille and producer Mario Provencher, who founded Monarch. Theater in 2012.

“It's like a breath of fresh air in the summer theater,” she said.

“Our offer [Peut contenir des traces d’égo] He is also part of this new movement. I truly believe everyone can benefit from it. As actors too, I think we need to diversify and be open. There may also be more freedom to show off and experiment with businesses. “It's an opportunity to put this back in our hands and bring it somewhere else,” the actress added. Area 31.

May contain traces of ego It tells the story of six girls, formerly on the same team as Ringette, who after 10 years find themselves at a personal development retreat during the craziest workshops. The play is directed by actor Marc Saint-Martin, and stars Genevieve Brouillette, Valérie Blaise, Catherine Paquin-Bichard, Yves Bresault, and Joel Lanctot.

“It's really a show of characters, very typical, and nothing seems to be united,” said Catherine Proulx-Lemay, who sees her summer as one of chalets, aperitifs and theatre.

“Going to play at Eastman gives me the feeling of going on vacation. The other girls, who I get along well with, also have chalets in that area. Four days a week I'll be there with my dog, with the girls. There's something fun about it,” she said. “I imagine summer this way.”

The play was written by a group of six authors and performed shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic. It was eventually canceled due to health restrictions. Since then, some texts and passages have been revised and corrected to make them more up to date.

“It's very much a show for girls, although guys will enjoy it too, and it's written by girls and performed by girls. It's very fresh, feels good, and brings a lot of fun. ” “He brings another kind of humor, and at the same time a really cool dynamic.”

The comedy will be performed at the La Marjolaine Theater all summer long. To get tickets go to: here.

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