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Catherine Levack shares an adorable birthday photo

Catherine Levack shares an adorable birthday photo

Catherine Levac She celebrated her 33rd birthday on the 11th of July. On this occasion his fiancée, Chloe Rubishod She shared an adorable photo of the mother with her twins.

The comedian immediately shared the shot on his Instagram page and we condom!

Everything becomes possible with you, even traveling abroad with 8-month-old twins.

Credit: katherine_levac via IG

Happy birthday @katherine_levac. Everything becomes possible with you, even traveling abroad with 8-month-old twins. I love you ‘, Can we read in Chloe Rubishod’s post.

Let us remember that last June, Catherine Levac He made a huge gift for his fans. In fact, the comedian and presenter posted a souvenir photo of her high school years on her Instagram page.

My favorite movie was Wedding Breakers ‘You could read the caption under the post.

We should also remember that Catherine Levack recently joined binomiala brand new agency born out of a bond between Mo’Fat . management And the Compass eyes.

The new company, of which the comedian is the first artist, makes integration its management, supervision and production mission.

In scuba diving, your friend is responsible for your survival, your safety net, the person you should be able to count on, with an irreplaceable referee for the team who won’t take his eyes off you. For us, Binôme is as representative of the relationship we have between trusted partners as it is the role we want to play with the artists we represent. ‘, with an underline Stephanie Moffat And the Krista Simono.

This new association is as unexpected as it is natural for me. Reshuffling cards often allows you to take a new look at things which is very exciting. I feel motivated, understood and confident. I can’t wait to turn these energies into projects Catherine Levac added.

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Moreover, on June 6, the new mother was assigned to the balance between work and family Mary Lynn Juncasduring an episode of A wonderful spring for Mary Lynn.

In fact, the comedian and host have opened up about what her wife, Chloe Rubishaud, is doing in order to juggle their careers with their roles as mothers.

Levac first explained that since the boys arrived, she’s no longer nervous about her work:

You are not on vacation when you take care of children, it is easier to be here [sur un plateau]. Me, I haven’t slept since becoming a mother because I don’t stress about the damn bullshit for shows, I’m not into it anymore. I feel really comfortable “.

It is give and take [après le tournage de Chloé, Katherine ira tourner L’amour est dans le pré]That said, we are people who love to work, you guys are excited, same for me, but there let’s leave every morning at last, not to see men, that’s what surprises us ‘, she added.

Finally, we want to be with our children. It is always asked that when we come back, we don’t ask ourselves the question, it’s when I want it […] I’m not stressed about it “.

Then the comedian approached filming Entire high schoolWhich she found difficult because she was pregnant and no one knew she was pregnant.

I’m disgusting, the day after it appears all the time, you know, the onset of pregnancy is disgusting because no one really knows, you seem out of place “.

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