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Catherine Levac shares her family's weekend photos

Catherine Levac shares her family’s weekend photos

on February 27 Catherine Levac Our news channels lit up Great shots for a family weekend. The photos reveal, among other things, his fiancée Chloe Rubishod and their wonderful twins, we will And the Matthias.

The young family spent time in a cottage in Lake Broom.

The cutest little family in the world!

Remember, the hostess recently revealed, without officially announcing it, that she’s engaged to Chloe Robeich!

It’s inside Stories Instagram that the comedian revealed the wonderful news. In fact, she composed a birthday message for her better half in which she stated that she is proud to be his fiancée. Then, it was in the published photos that we could see the gorgeous ring that she was wearing on her left hand.

Since Catherine Levac likes to stay busy, only a few weeks after giving birth, she announced the launch of her new show on her Instagram page.

good news ! I know I just had two kids, but also on a new show. Unreleased material, captured this summer, and you can view it at for $15. It’s a formula that you mostly see among comedians in the US, but I’m trying because I won’t be able to visit your city for the next few months, because I’m too busy sniffing my kids’ heads. I’m so proud of this pregnancy anniversary and so happy to be able to bring you new jokes during maternity leave. It’s called big because my belly was big at the time, but also because I’m entering a time in my life when people liked to comment on my weight. There are also jokes about my strange background, assisted reproduction, sperm banks, cows, eating rubber, climbing Everest, La Vie d’Adèle, and many other interesting topics. It is a tribute to the most productive, great and gripping 9 months of my life. Also, I find myself very lucky that my darling chloerobish is the one who signed up. They usually make dramatic movies, but they weren’t cluttered at all because there’s nothing darker than in the middle of hihihi humor. Well I hope you find it fun, and I look forward to seeing you in a real room very soon! Catherine commented on her Instagram posts.

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Furthermore, Catherine LeVak played Ashley Winterbottom in the hilarious web series Entire high schoolIs characterized by Pierre-Yves Roy Desmarais And the Rosalie Vilancourt.

Entire high school, it’s a project that fits into the world of teen series and movies, but it’s too big to play! We take the typical elements of the Degrassi genre, like the very shy girl who throws her books down the aisle and push the parodies to the max. ‘,” Rosalie Vilancourt summed up in a press release.

I am absolutely excited to produce this show with my very talented Rosalie Dore and with Catherine LeVack, the humorist, woman and host I love, as well as Pierre-Yves Roy Desmaris who is a pure genius. This modern and caustic series is going to be as unique as this trio! “, Enthusiastic Julie Snyderthat produces web strings.

One thing is for sure, Catherine Levac is a real inspiration! We wish her and her family all the happiness in the world.