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Catherine Deneuve and Rufus Wainwright, in honor of Ginsburg

Catherine Deneuve and Rufus Wainwright, in honor of Ginsburg

Aurélie Raya


With Rufus Wainwright, Catherine Deneuve first interpreted on stage the title she sang with Ginsburg. Moving.

There are moments that we wish to prolong indefinitely. On March 30, after forty-five minutes of the show at the Grand Rex, Revelation and Beard Rufus Wainwright It proclaims in English: “The greatest French actress and a truly wonderful woman.” And Denov Link. graciousness. She looked awkward and shy, she admits, when the 48-year-old Canadian singer asked her why this first time on stage in public: “It’s crazy, yeah, to me. It’s him, it’s his voice, it’s his name, and that’s what decided me. Together they captured it.” God smoker of Havanas”, a duet written for her by Ginsburg in 1980.

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Deneuve sang harmoniously, hardly in advance, you can feel feverish and happy to share these minutes with an artist she admires. Frantic but not submissive, because Catherine the Great fails to explain Ginsburg’s perversion, this line of text, “You are my master after God.” Neither god nor Master Deneuve, who then looked at the magnificent Rufus from the top of a chest, surrounded by Benjamin Beaulay and his granddaughter, Anna Beolai

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