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Catalonia: England's Most Wanted Fraudster Arrested Near Targona After 9 Years

Catalonia: England’s Most Wanted Fraudster Arrested Near Targona After 9 Years

Sarah Panitzky is suspected of involvement in £ 1bn VAT fraud. He was arrested on Tuesday, March 1, by the Guardian Civilians in the village of Santa Barbara (4,000 people) in Targona Province.

The 47-year-old fugitive, who was part of a 16-member criminal organization, was arrested Sunday while roaming his dogs in the village of Santa Barbara in northeastern Spain. Civil Guard In a press release. The organization “specializes” in VAT fraud on mobile phone sales, previously purchased overseas without VAT and resold in the UK, with the British HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) making more than £ 1 billion in profits.

According to British investigators, Sarah Panitzka was responsible for the fraudulent use of the company’s profits by a number of companies in Spain, Andorra and Dubai. They also point out that the organization has at one point sold more mobile phones than any other law shop in the UK … Sarah Panitsky has been wanted since 2013 and was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

British authorities quickly discovered that he was hiding in Spain, and in early 2015, he was found near Olivella (Barcelona). But she escaped shortly after her arrest. British and Spanish authorities had lost all trace of her by then.

Police were informed last February that he was in Santa Barbara. He was then kept under surveillance for several weeks and identified as a young woman, Sarah Bonitsky. A large police force was put in place Sunday morning so he was able to arrest her as she went for a walk with her dogs.

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She was imprisoned without deportation.