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Cars that convert from gasoline to electric

Cars that convert from gasoline to electric

In Trois-Rivieres, in the face of historically high gasoline prices, a workshop specialized in converting gasoline-powered cars into electric cars is experiencing an increase in demand.

Major components such as the engine, battery and electronic management system are taken from the damaged vehicles, declared as complete loss, and are installed on conventional vehicles. Given its $65,000 cost, this type of operation is not aimed at passenger vehicles, but specifically commercial delivery fleets.

“We collect all these parts and add them to the ProMaster truck to electrify it. These are more and more interesting conversions, because electric and petrol cars are hard to find,” said Guillaume Andre of Ingenext.

Electric Mobility Canada regrets, however, that switching from used components does not qualify for a Quebec subsidy, as is buying a new electric vehicle or switching from new components. Daniel Britton of Electric Mobility Canada, noted, “The use of these batteries which are still in excellent condition and which are still very good means that in the principle of the circular economy we should encourage that.”

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