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Caroline Nero Resumes Work: 'I Think She's Putting Her Feet On The Ground'

Caroline Nero Resumes Work: ‘I Think She’s Putting Her Feet On The Ground’

Two years after her dream collapsed, businesswoman Caroline Nero returned to work for a new jewelry company.

She tells, in an exclusive interview with TVA Nouvelles, the journey she has taken since her business went bankrupt.

“It was really heavy. I was in the deepest period, I think, I’ve ever lived in,” she says.

According to Caroline Nero, many mistakes she and others around her made caused her business to fall apart.

“My biggest mistake is really to delegate, but blindly. I delegated completely, but in a lazy way,” admits the businesswoman.

His perceived interest in creating or developing businesses at the expense of other areas of entrepreneurship was one of the decisive factors in his business failure.

“I lost control of spending. And I’ve been told before, but I learned on the job. I launched my business in three weeks and I think I left myself captivated by all this success that never stopped,” she thinks.

But in hindsight, she thinks this ordeal was good for her.

“I think he put my feet on the ground. I wasn’t someone who thought I was someone else. Somewhere, honestly, I was spending a lot of my money, but everywhere,” says the businesswoman.

Great cleaning

Caroline Nero’s bankruptcy allowed her to “clean up”, both in her professional and personal life.

“It’s still totally normal to clean up because when you fall, there’s a lot of people coming off,” she says.

“It’s sad to say, but hard to bear, because you say to yourself: ‘Come, my friendships, the people I’ve been with, all these bonds I had were so strong…’ The banks fled, all that, overnight. , but in a very cliched and difficult way.”

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However, she is grateful to those who stayed with her through her most difficult times.

“The beauty of it is that there is so much beauty precisely because you realize those who stayed to the end, those who will fight in fear of not knowing what their next day will be,” says Caroline Nero.

A new beginning

Today, Caroline Nero is back in the saddle with a new business partner.

“I totally see it another way. I still have big ambitions. Are they that big? No,” she admits.

This time the businesswoman wishes a better quality of life.

“And when I talk about quality of life, I’m not necessarily talking about money, but I want time, I want something,” she says.

Caroline Nero wants to develop with a small team of “10 or 12 max”.

“Right now, we’re moving slowly, but with a lot of ideas, a lot of accomplishment, and above all, a lot of baggage,” she says.

Watch the full interview in the video above.