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Caroline Davernas will be the voice of REM

Caroline Davernas will be the voice of REM

After an online vote for a few weeks, Quebecers blindly chose Caroline Davernas as the vote for the Metropolitan Express (REM).

A happy coincidence, the actress appears to be following in the footsteps of her mother, Michel Desloriers, who has been the voice of Metro Montreal since 2003.

At least 40% of respondents to the poll to elect the new Metro vote have set their sights on the actress, known in particular for her roles on the American series “Hannibal” or for her appearance in the first version of “Beaux”. Malaises “», details CDPQ Infra, REM Project Manager.

“I can’t believe it. The opportunity is simply incredible,” Ms. Davernas said Thursday in an interview with Yves Marie Lorte on “Salut Bonjour”.

EMN’s new voice ensures that she takes her role seriously. “In the audition, I tried to be warm, inviting, and straightforward; I think those are the three words I have in mind. […] Oftentimes, early in the morning we hear this we see there, so I hope people will open their day kindly with my voice,” laughed Carolyn Davernas.

More than 35,000 people voted to choose the audio that will accompany users on their travels, and the audio we saw in Blue Moon won the competition with 40% of the vote.

“We know that public transportation is the voice of the future, but it is rare that we have the impression that we are clearly moving into the future,” the actress confirmed, in a video accompanying the announcement.