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UK GDP has fallen, but recovery is in sight

Car sales in October fell to a 30-year low

LONDON (awp / dpa) – Car sales in the UK continued to fall, falling almost in the October quarter, and electricity sales have remained modest, despite improvements in the chip supply crisis since 1991.

“However, a modest recovery is expected in 2022, with the sector accounting for 1.96 million records,” SMMT, the British Departmental Association, said in its monthly report released on Thursday.

New car sales reached 106,265 last month, the fourth consecutive month of decline, seen in all vehicle models except the “mini”, specifically for the corporate fleet (-40%).

However, electric vehicles continue to grow, representing 16.6% of records since the beginning of this year, and with hybrids, the total number of “green” cars has risen to 25.7%.

Overall throughout the year, SMMT lowered its sales forecast to 1.66 million vehicles, revising it in view of “continuing problems with supply chains and deteriorating economic opportunities”, particularly rising inflation.

This amount will be only 1.9% higher than 2020, which is marked by the Govt shock and the closure of dealerships for several months, but it will be much lower than the 2.3 million vehicles sold in 2019 before the epidemic.

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