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Canucks is said to be very interested in the candidacy of Mark Bergiveen for the position of General Motors

Canucks is said to be very interested in the candidacy of Mark Bergiveen for the position of General Motors

Vancouver Canucks cleaned up over the weekend. General Manager Jim Benning and coach Travis Green have lost their jobs. This means that the club is looking for a GM.

And it is at this level that the name Mark Bergevin is already circulating in Vancouver. According to Ryan Kennedy, the Canucks would be very interested in the idea of ​​appointing Marc Bergevin as the club’s general manager.

I hope he likes Bruce Boudreaux because the Kanucks family hired their coach before their general manager. So then.

This isn’t the first time the Bergevin name has been circulating in Vancouver. The rumors go back a few weeks ago…but at the time Bergevin was working for the Canadians and the Canucks had a guy in the GM chair.

Does the Kennedy rumor stem from the fact that Bergvin is free, which could increase Canucks’ desire to sign him? After all, remember that CH gave a vote of confidence to Michel Terrain before Claude Julien broke free in 2017. It changed the situation.

I’m not sure if Bergvin, who is also associated with Kings and Ducks (for now), will take the job in Vancouver or a job in a controversial location – like Chicago. After all, the similarities between Vancouver and Montreal are significant and being a GM might not appeal to him. But what about the head of hockey operations?

Either way, there’s pressure, the Canadian brakes to hire free agents, a failing club, a rebuilding of the organization despite big contracts, etc. I have doubts about whether he wants the job now.

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Remember that the Vancouver media recently received a letter asking not to speak too much against the club. Would Bergievin want to go into such an environment days/weeks/few months after he left Montreal? Do the Canucks have any other guys in their sights? That remained to be a sight.


And therefore If we want to drive crazy Slightly, given that Canucks has a coach, we can think that Marc Bergievin was unable to sign Alain Vinault on a second lap in Vancouver or Michel Terrain as in 2012 with the Canadian. The same for Claude Julien.

If he takes the job in Vancouver, Bergvin won’t necessarily have to hire a Francophone, anyway.