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Candidates to succeed Boris Johnson begin a series of debates across the country

Candidates to succeed Boris Johnson begin a series of debates across the country

Candidates for succession Boris JohnsonLiz Truss and Rishi Sunak launched the first of a series of twelve debates across the country on Thursday evening to convince members of the Conservative Party.

A postal vote in August to choose Boris Johnson’s successor forced him to announce his departure in early July after a series of scandals. .

Favorited by poll, Foreign Minister Liz dress Thursday evening received strong support from: Defense Minister Ben Wallace.

Liz liked the dress

“His experience stands him in good stead in defending the United Kingdom in these troubled times,” he wrote in an essay times Ben Wallace, despite being given in the middle of big options, quit the race three weeks ago to focus on his current job and “ensure the security of the country”.

First alone on stage, then subjected to a back-to-back question-and-answer session — thus avoiding the risk of a direct confrontation of fratricide — Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak In one of the few Labor strongholds to resist the December 2019 blue tide, Leeds, in the north of England, engaged in a fainting action in front of their audience.

Rishi Sunak is very comfortable

Each pitched their plan, playing the proximity card as Liz Truss, a local kid who grew up in Leeds, where her parents still live, and Rishi Sunak as a neighbor whose block isn’t too far away.

Indian-origin former finance minister Rishi Sunak joked that his “don” would have won him praise before stressing the need to “restore confidence”. A way to stand apart from Boris Johnson, whose three years as head of government have been marked by scandal.

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The shadow of Boris Johnson

Asked if he had “backstabbed” Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak tried to express his gratitude to the Prime Minister, who was praised for his help, and assured him that he had left the government over disagreements over economic policy. “I had no choice,” he said.

The 42-year-old former finance minister emphasized his family history, which he said embodied “conservative values” and designated inflation as the “enemy that impoverishes everyone”. As for his lifestyle, the former banker points out that there is more to it than his shoes Prada Or his expensively tailored suits, what matters is what he “does for the country”.