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Canadiens Broadcast at Videotron Center: Sold out for Friday event

Canadiens Broadcast at Videotron Center: Sold out for Friday event

Tickets to watch live broadcasts of the next two Montreal Canadiens games at the Videotron Center on Thursday sold out, with Friday’s event already on sale.

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After closing the door to such an event due to restrictions that made it unprofitable, runway management announced Wednesday that an agreement with the National Hockey League now allows 3,500 spectators to meet at the Videotron Center for the Stanley Cup final games on Friday, July 2 and Monday, July 5.

Tickets sold out Thursday noon. At 1:30 p.m., the event sold out, Martin Tremblay, President of the Videotronic Center, confirmed.

Fans can undo tickets for Monday. For this evening, the sale was hampered by a technical issue which was then corrected. Sale resumed around 12.50pm. Several places were still available at the beginning of the afternoon.

“We felt there was a madness, that’s proof. Tomorrow will be a party night for hockey fans. People want to get together and want to experience moments between supporters. It’s going to be a great moment, people will be in a good mood,” said Mr. Tremblay.

He expressed his happiness that an agreement had been reached authorizing the sale of tickets, as well as drinks, alcohol and food, during the event, which made it possible to cover operating costs.

Thus, the live broadcast of TVA Sports will be shown on the “Jumbotron” in the Coliseum, after obtaining the necessary licenses from the National Hockey League.

Sold on Profits will be donated to the Quebec Remparts Study Fund, the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and Pignon Bleu.

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