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Canadians: Jeff Petrie's recent successes breathe a sigh of relief

Canadians: Jeff Petrie’s recent successes breathe a sigh of relief

Jeff Petrie hasn’t had an easy season, but things seem to be looking up for the defender. After performances that fell short of expectations and many criticisms leveled at him, his recent successes bring a sigh of relief to Al-Kindi’s entourage.

“I didn’t come into the arena with the intention of playing badly. I tried to cross the hurdles, I wanted to find my rhythm. It’s hard to hear some things… I just wanted to keep going. I just wanted to keep going. Petri admitted after his two-goal performance on Wednesday “It was never my goal to play like a starter.” season”.

“Nice to see Petrie lately. He’s always been an excellent player, you don’t play 800 games in the NHL being just anybody. Good to see him play lately, he’s been very happy for a while! We went to the Yankees game on Tuesday,” said teammate Ryan Boehling. And we had a lot of fun.”

Petrie has ten points in his last ten games, and interim coach Martin St. Louis is very pleased with the American’s performance.

“I think he’s been playing hockey really well lately. One of the glaring things to me is that he’s more involved in attacking. He has talent, he has good skating and a good shot. I’m happy with what I see.”

After some tough times, Petrie has worked hard to get back to the basics that have allowed her to succeed over the past few years.

“I feel better on the ice, both physically and mentally. I’m at the top of my game when I skate. I have to move my feet and move the disc instead of standing still. It’s easy to make a game. After a difficult start to the season, it’s nice to be able to build from the last matches.” And I know what I must do.”

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One last lap this season

CH also finished a nine-game streak, which probably should have ended more quickly, according to St-Louis.

“It’s good for everyone. Overall, we didn’t play well, but we’ll get the win we needed for the morale. We’ve played some good games in this nine defeats streak and weren’t rewards. Tonight, the opposite is true.”

There is now only one game left for the Canadians before the misery season is over, but the St. Louis men intend to finish the game well.

“A victory the team needed for morale”

“We have to find a way to play one last good match and I think we will be able to. I think we can finish in the right way and press the button. Reset. “In a season like this, we can’t wait to be able to turn the page,” St. Louis added.

“We want to make sure we finish the season on a high note. We want to sign a victory in front of our supporters.”

82And The Canadians’ final game of the season will be on Friday against the Panthers at Bell Center.

CH ends her streak of nine losses