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Canadian wins an attacking festival against the demons

Canadian wins an attacking festival against the demons

48 hours after losing to the Senators, the Canadian hit the road to face another low-profile team crossing the Swords with the Devils in New Jersey.

Some changes to the Habs formation: Paul Byron (injured), Justin Barron (injured) and Jordan Harris (left) made way for Tyler Petlake, Chris Weidman and Kaley Clagg.

For demons, it looked like this:

It was the Canadian who opened the scoring, while the exact sequence initiated by Rem Petlake and Cole Caufield allowed Nick Suzuki to score his 19th goal of the campaign.

A few minutes later, Jake Evans fired an artillery shell. This one-time superb shot has allowed him to reach the ten-goal plateau this season.

However, the demons responded quickly, while an old acquaintance, Thomas Tatar, reduced the deficit by half.

Despite it all, CH still retired to the locker room with a two-goal margin due to this superb pass from Suzuki that allowed Caufield to escape. Do I really need to tell you what happened next?

In the second, the demons continued to work to reduce the powerlessness they indulged in. AJ Greer scored his first goal for the Devils to put both teams in goal.

But again, CH capitalized on their two-goal lead at the end of a period, thanks to a superb pass from Chris Weidmann and good persistence from Joel Jeremiah to allow the latter to score.

And on the third, you should not be late to see the first goals in the period. After 71 seconds, Chris Weidman finds the back of the net.

Then, after 15 seconds, Christian Dvorak managed to escape. After that with a goal, the score was 6-2 Montreal and Andrew Hammond’s night work ended.

And as if this game needed more twists, the demons responded less than 30 seconds later. For those watching the match, that’s three goals in less than two minutes of play.

After a (oddly long) nine-minute goalless break, Jesper Pratt made sure to push the ball back to put his side back with two goals.

However, two minutes later, Kale Clague made a rather strange goal that mysteriously made its way past Nico Daws. Never too many goals, they say.

It finally ended up that way in a somewhat chaotic match, but it was still entertaining.

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The final grade : 7-4 Montreal

The Canadians will be back in action on Saturday night, when they are in Toronto to face the Maple Leafs.


– The Canadian kind of saved the Devils’ difficulties in front of Grid tonight. Martin St. Louis’ forces were out on shots on goal (37-25 Devils) and had a tough time, especially in the second half. Another proof that no matter how good your players are on the ice, you are only as good as your goalkeeper.

Kale Clague and Chris Wideman each took three points tonight. Speaking of Wideman, his offensive production has been outright elite-level among NHL defenses over the past few weeks.

– Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield (again) showed Blinks Pure genius tonight, especially in the first half. Coffield’s goal was a perfect example of the brilliance of the young players.

Encouraging characters.

– CH now points to 30th place in the general classification. However, if Team Kraken wins their game tonight, the Habs will drop to 31st place.