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Canadian vs. Avalanche: 8 views

Three points out of four… This is a result that all teams eagerly accept, especially when a seven-game road series begins.

You’ll tell me that if Samuel Montambault and Jake Allen weren’t great in front of the net, it would probably be zero out of four.

I grant you that.

Except that you will often be told that they must make sure by their performance that they keep hope of victory.

That’s what they did.

Moreover, Martin St. Louis did not hide his words after facing off against the Avalanche, Wednesday night in Denver. “If it were not for the great saves, we would not have got a point. If we had won this match, we would have stolen two points from the opponent.”

very fair.

The defending champions dominated all divisions, despite the injuries to the players, they kept up the pace, causing a lot of trouble for a team still disorganized in its area.

Let’s start with some notes about the match against Colorado.

1. Playing less than 10 minutes, Anthony Richard was the only scorer of the match. We may have wanted to use it more often. But you also have to understand that coach St. Louis had to deal with an opponent who, all evening, used his best staff to get past, in particular Mikko Rantanen. In such circumstances, the coach must adjust and use skaters who are able to slow down the opponent’s best teams. Jared Bednar used his fourth line quite a bit…

2. Can he in this regard replace Evgenii Dadonov who is just a passenger, who does not produce anything, and book him a place in the second part of the “deficit” game for the Canadian? No doubt. By the way, how long will Dadunov be used instead of a young player from the organization? Aren’t we developing the best hopes?

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3. Jonathan Drouin gains confidence. Martin St. Louis understands that, and in the last two games he has looked more committed than ever. So the coach took the opportunity to assign his player more responsibilities…by using him as a center, a mandate he fulfilled so well in Arizona and Denver.

As effective as his work during the power play is, the group results set to develop during these occasions could not be more disappointing.

4. Drouin’s quarterback experience is also an interesting choice for a coach, because, of course, Kirby Dutch is far more effective alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Cofield than in his position, the one he held in Chicago. Could that be the needed second quarterback? It’s still too early to tell, but for now it looks like he’s very comfortable in the first line of attack.

5. There is no doubt that Cofield, Suzuki and Dash have great chemistry. So, could Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes change their plan and covet another center to support the Suzuki work?

In Vancouver, it was recently indicated that Montreal would be an ideal destination for Bo Horvat, the Canucks captain, who is having trouble with team management regarding contract negotiations. He will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

6. But there’s Sean Monahan, a nice surprise for the Canadian. Can he act as the team’s second midfielder? At first glance, we got it so we can display it in the window and get the first round option.

Has Monahan convinced some teams that he’s back in shape and can help teams with big ambitions head into the Spring Championship?

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We think so, but this foot injury has delayed the course of the file. Did he convince Gorton and Hughes that it might just be the solution?

7. Kaiden Guhle appeared in The Power Game. The results were not very conclusive, but we must continue with this experiment. According to the coach, you have to be careful with Guhle who in his first season faces all matches with the opposition’s best teams.

St-Louis doesn’t particularly want to cut corners with Guhle, who is currently the best defender on the team.

On the other hand, one day, among the many coaches behind the bench, one of them will have to find a solution to the “deficit” game.

While parity is more and more present, the team must do well at the special teams level.

8. Anthony Richard would have scored his first goal for the Canadiens in his second game, while Joel Armia, Jake Evans and Jonathan Drouin would have come up short so far.

Well, in Darwin’s case, he’s been threatening lately, but that’s not enough.

Jeremiah missed many opportunities. Evans? The youngster puts effort into every game, but in such a competitive league you have to deliver. You must contribute from time to time to the successes of your team’s attack.

In conclusion, allow me to extend my best wishes for the festive season. Enjoy every moment you spend with the people you love.