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Canadian Victory: Festive Atmosphere

Canadian Victory: Festive Atmosphere

While Martin St. Louis was addressing reporters after his team’s win, the music reverberated so much that he had to strain his ears more than usual to hear the questions properly. An unimaginable sight a few weeks ago…

The gloom of the past few months seems to have become a relic of the distant past with climate change. Obviously, five wins in a row helps bring back the lost fun.

“We came to work. All the guys played their game and did their job. It’s fun to see. We hear it with the music. It’s a great atmosphere and that’s the feeling of winning. I’m happy for them,” the pilot released.

St. Louis seemed particularly happy for Arturi Likonen, who scored two goals. Finn clearly has a lucky hand against the senators.

The tally now shows eight goals against this team, more than any other team. Of his nine goals in the National Hockey League, three came against Ottawa.

“He is a guy who plays the right way. He takes care of the team, and I say that constantly. Defensively, he is an excellent hockey player and offensively, he sees the game,” St. Louis praised.

“It is fun to see players like him reward goals. It gives them confidence. A player like Lehkonen would never try to cheat in attack without taking care of his defence. We have a lot of players like that and to be a leader in this division.”

Happy for Hammond

The coach also did not hide his joy towards his goalkeeper Andrew Hammond. It was a touching night at work for “Hamburglar,” who had some memorable moments with senators in his 2014-2015 debut.

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“He deserved to play this match and the way he played, it’s extraordinary. I’m happy because in the first period, he had long shots that gave him a good pinch feel.

“Then he makes key saves when we need them and when it is the same it calms the team down and allows us to keep believing in what we are doing. You always feel in control of the game. That’s how I felt, even though the score was 2-1 and we couldn’t go further. St. Louis explained.

Dolphin flowers

The director also said good words to Laurent Dauphin, who showed great sharpness.

“The video doesn’t lie. When I watch the matches after they happen, you see it clearly in the video. He plays at 200 feet. Dauphin needs a little luck (to score) because he works really hard both ways on the rink.”