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Canadian Football League: Montreal Aloet lost 27-10 to Hamilton Tiger Cats

Canadian Football League: Montreal Aloet lost 27-10 to Hamilton Tiger Cats


MONTREAL – In their first game at Percival-Molson Stadium in 656 days, the Montreal Alouettes were eager to give their fans a victory, but lost 27-10 to the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Despite an energetic and festive crowd of 14,753 spectators (the limit was set at 15,000 to respect sanitary measures) for the reunion, Jarry Jones’s (1-2) forces were never able to take off against Hamilton (1-2) enjoying his first win this season.

However, Alouette was still in the game early in the last quarter with a 10-13 deficit. Quarterback Vernon Adams Jr., however, suffered a costly interception by Frankie Williams which then led to Nikola Kalinic’s relegation. If the pass was insufficient, note that receiver Cayon Julian Grant was very passive while waiting for the ball.

To get the last word, Adams Jr. had to spend an even more intense evening. However, for the second game in a row, the No. 8 shirt holder lacked accuracy and finished the game as low as 51.6% of passes.

“I wasn’t good enough. In fact, I wasn’t even close to him.” Adams Jr. who seemed very moved by the situation admitted, “The defense plays very well and the other team only scores goals when you put our team in a bad situation.”

“This late interception hurts us. I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on, but I have to take everything back and get back to normal again: I play football and win matches,” added the midfielder.

“I still trust him, I think he can get the job done. He had a good week of training but unfortunately it didn’t come through on the pitch. The recipients should help him too. When asked about Adams Jr., we have to correct a lot of things,” Jones admitted when asked about Adams Jr.

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In order to help him, Grand Sage’s Land Attack performance was great. It was the opposite with a tough game for William Stanback (40 yards on 12 coaches) and the offensive line down that side. However, Hamilton has been struggling against racing since the start of the season.

“Yes, that was a shame because you can usually trust that and it wasn’t decisive either. We agreed with the coach ‘we weren’t able to get the first matches that would have been necessary’.”

Quebec’s Sean Thomas-Arlington added a touchdown 71 seconds ahead of the clock to confirm the score. In the previous play, the rear officer made a stunning jump to avoid any interference.

So the Montreal clan was unable to erase their bad start – a 0-10 deficit – even though the defense limited the damage to points allowed.

Post match comment

In the end, Montreal’s offense was called off during the second half and this was the third time in many games that Montreal had not scored any points in the third quarter.

“Of course we wanted to put in a better performance for our fans and it’s boring to lose this match. But I think we can still build on the positive. We don’t really doubt that we have a good squad, we just have to correct mistakes,” said defense end David Maynard.

On the bright side, the defensive line was the best bird unit with a six-bag harvest at the expense of Dane Evans to replace the injured Jeremiah Masoli.

“Sacks were good games for us, but they ran really well with the ball that hurt us and we were punished. Yes, that’s frustrating, but I have no doubt we will correct our mistakes. You just have to put your finger on what went wrong,” Maynard remarked as the Ti-Cats rushed for some distance. 144 yards.

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However, it was enough to see the fiery reaction of Maynard to understand how happy this homecoming has been for the players. Maynard and Michael Wakefield, part of the rotation on this unit, showed a solid match.

“I’ve been thinking about all this for a week. I played my first two games a little less. I felt like I didn’t live up to my expectations. This week, I’ve been telling myself, basically, to pack my first bag for my first game at Percival-Molson Stadium for a team Aloette, that would be perfect and it happened. I took several seconds to savor it all because yes, it was really a beautiful moment,” confirmed Number 52.

Aloitte has somewhat corrected their disciplinary issues that were evident last week in Calgary. However, that wasn’t enough in the coach’s eyes.

“That’s another aspect we have to work on. It was less bad than the previous game, but we still received some very expensive penalties. I told the players, we have a lot of work to do. Other teams are going to find their directions and we have to do the same,” Jones said.

The special teams did not help to save the situation either. In addition to his decisive interception achievement, Williams excelled in boat returns with 184 yards on his meter.

With that, Aloyt is 1-6 in his last six games against Tiger-Cats in Montreal and will try to recover next Friday at Ottawa Rouge et Noir.

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