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Canada was destroyed by the United States in the Gold Cup

Canada was destroyed by the United States in the Gold Cup

Both selections qualified for the quarterfinals before crossing the sword on Sunday. Nevertheless, thanks to their success, the United States will face a country that ranks 2nd in its group, while Canada will be measured against the first in the class.

Favorites do not take long to start. From the 20th second onwards, players and American supporters celebrated the victory on the field in Kansas City. Surprisingly, the Canadians paid a lot for this urgent goal, which was the only one in the game.

At the start of the game, defender Shaquille Moore moved to a distant place and was sent back into the net by midfielder Sebastian Ledget, who was guarded by Maxim Grebio. The Quebec goalie received three shots during the clash, four less than his Wis-Wis Matt Turner.

In the first minute of the game, we fell asleep and it was a feature that, collectively, we all needed to improve. But when 75 [dernières] The minutes we had them on the cables, Said midfielder Liam Fraser.

Canada recovered from Moore’s goal, but could not break the opponent’s defense despite dominating the game as the fight progressed.

I think we can be proud of the efforts of comrades who have shown a great ability to embrace. However, we were disappointed because we had a better chance of beating the Americans at home and beating Group B., Hertman said.

Earlier in the match, representatives of the maple leaf were defeated Martinique And Haiti, After group stage, were eliminated by a similar score of 4-1. The top two ranked teams in each of the four teams advance to the Gold Cup quarterfinals next weekend.

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The Canadians will open the playoffs against the Costa Ricans or Jamaica. There is a meeting on Tuesday to decide who will win the Group C chairmanship.