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Canada match in Montreal: They will be 2,000 police officers this time

Canada match in Montreal: They will be 2,000 police officers this time

SPVM didn’t have enough staff to stop the chaos downtown on June 24, and it’s working hard for the next Montreal Canadiens game at the Bell Center tonight.

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Even the Montreal City Police Department (SPVM) has requested the assistance of the Secretariat of Quebec (SQ) to replenish its workforce.

SQ will mobilize nearly 400 police officers in downtown Montreal to mitigate abuses similar to those that occurred on June 24 during the Canadian’s victory in the conference final against the Golden Knights of Las Vegas.

Au total, pour le quatrième match de la série, il y aura près de 2000 policiers prêts à intervenir au center-ville de Montréal, à la place des Festivals et à l’Esplanade du Parc olympique, où les matchs du Canadien surt retrans giant screen.


Among them, 175 are Specialized Agents who will form five or six factions ready to intervene. About 200 police officers from SQ will also go to support existing SPVM members. Nobody wants to revive what many officers call the “June 24 boondoggle.”

“We almost ran away that evening,” said a member of the SPVM intervention team who was present during the overruns of the last CH-winning game. Our police officers were trapped and we didn’t have enough staff. ”

“We were so poorly organized that our riot police fired gas against their colleagues in neighborhood stations,” said a senior Montreal police officer.

bad expectation

According to three sources consulted by our FBI, it was hot at SPVM headquarters on June 24, “and it wasn’t due to a heat wave,” one of them said.

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Montreal police officers simply did not expect that there would be enough police officers on the ground on June 24. There were only 600 that night.

According to our information, director Sylvain Caron was not happy with the turn of events.

The next day, he would order many protective equipment and seize the Olympic Stadium in order to urgently train the officers to maintain order and use force.

SPVM, whose current fiscal year promises to be in deficit, will have to foot the bill.

All volunteer police officers will be required to report overtime for Game 4 of the series against Tampa Bay Lightning.

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