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Camila Valeeva leads after the short program Madeleine Chisas 20

Camila Valeeva leads after the short program Madeleine Chisas 20

His performance, which is flawless, earned him a score of 82.16. Valieva missed her first jump, a triple axis, before recovering brilliantly. On the sound of the last note of In memory of, From Kirill Richter, the representative of the Republic of China burst into tears.

The teenager did not speak to the Beijing-based media for a long time. Again on Tuesday, she did not appear at a press conference after her short program.

You are not feeling well. We decided to send him as soon as possible to the Olympic VillageThe official TASS news agency quoted a spokesman for the Republic of China, Konstantin Vyburnov, as saying.

On Monday, sobbing Valeeva told Russian TV that she is emotionally tired.

who failed a doping test in December 2021, and whose result was only known after the Republic of China won the mixed team event, won her case earlier this week for a solo performance.

However, the International Olympic Committee pointed out thatThere will be no medal ceremonies at the end of the Games Until his case is fully highlighted.

Besides Valeeva, ROC’s Anna Shcherbakova (80.20) and Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto (74.60) were among the top three and are well positioned to win a medal.

Poor performance for Schizas

Canadian Madeleine Chisas was clearly not satisfied with her performance on the short programme.

under the air Wild sweet and tender, by Eugene Duga, a skater who celebrated her 19th birthday on Monday, missed her first jump, the Lutz triathlon. Then she performed the six other obligatory characters without difficulty.

The judges awarded him 60.53 points. It’s 20 in the rankings, which is enough to participate in the free program on Thursday.

Ontario is the only representative of the maple leaf in the singles event.

It’s not the performance I want, but it’s still a learning opportunity for free skating and the rest of the season.She said.

Last week, Schizas presented Two flawless shows In a mixed team event. The Canadian formation ended at the foot of the podium.

They wear a mask.

Madeleine Chisas and her coach await the outcome after the short Canadian athletic program.

Photo: Getty Images / Matthew Stockman