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Mondial Féminin 2023 : le Cameroun se qualifie pour les barrages

Cameroon advance to the play-offs

The Cameroon women’s team confirmed its place in the World Cup play-offs. The Lionesses rarely had a hard time securing their spot this Sunday thanks to their 1-0 win over Botswana.

It was a match not to be missed. If the past few weeks have been marked by a series of regrets, the indomitable Lionesses have no room for error tonight against Botswana. With Ngoc Yangu and Monique Ngoc returning from suspension, the Cameroon women’s team fulfilled their entire decade by qualifying for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. Thanks to a goal from Nchot Agara, crowned with the title of Woman of the Match, the lionesses won 1 0.

‘Shot’ Ngoya qualifies for Cameroon

Nushat Ajara is already setting a tone from the third minute with a powerful shot from the left, unfortunately deflected for a corner kick. The Cameroon captain does it again a few minutes later, but this time the ball flies into the gloves of the opposing goalkeeper (9). The Inter Milan player makes two more attempts that end with the side nets (11, 15).

By trying, the 29-year-old ended up opening the scoring in the closing seconds of the first half. Like each of her attempts, she opens fire more than 20 meters away. His powerful shot is unstoppable (1-0, 45+1). Unlock the logical result in light of the efforts of the player.

The same applies to Cameroon and Senegal

After the break, it was still Nachot Ajara who had the first chance. But as in the first period, the strong blow of the Cameroonian was saved by the opposing goalkeeper (53rd place). The women of Botswana then responded by leading several assaults in the Cameroonian camp. Fortunately for lionesses, the Mifumitu-Ouna-Johnson trio formed a wall at the entrance to Anji Bao’s rectangle. All attempts zebras are in vain.

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Even after the number was reduced to 10 after Vadimato’s expulsion, the Cameroonians are not going to leave. In the end, the result will not change. So, Cameroon is heading with Senegal to represent Africa in the World Cup qualifiers. Eight other countries from different continents will also participate. Only the best 3 players will be able to participate in the final stage of the World Cup.