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Camel Botoxide banned from beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia

Camel Botoxide banned from beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia

The beauty pageant of the camel beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia this week was subjected to a scandal with the exclusion of dozens of camels that had notably undergone Botox injections.

With prizes amounting to $66 million, the King Abdulaziz Festival, an annual event rooted in Bedouin traditions, welcomes breeders from all over the Gulf.

The shape and size of the lips, neck and bumps are the main beauty criteria that you should choose among the camels during this competition that takes place until mid-January in the desert northeast of Riyadh.

On Thursday, the Saudi Press Agency reported that 43 camels have been disqualified for fraud.

She added that a case of cheating was detected after a physical and medical examination of camels, especially during an x-ray examination.

This isn’t the first time that competition organizers have disqualified camels injected with Botox or that had undergone plastic surgery, but this edition has had the highest number of ineligibles on record since the competition began six years ago.

In 2018, 14 camels were excluded.

“The authorities want to present beauty in its natural form,” a festival official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

According to him, plastic surgery performed by animals is considered abuse.

“Violators face severe penalties and will not be allowed to participate in future competitions,” he added.

A camel race is also planned as part of this 40-day festival.

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