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Cam Neely sends a message to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton..

– Ouch..

Cam Neely sends a letter to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

Jean-Charles Lajoie is a messenger…

“What I like about the Bruins’ culture is that it’s imbued with not going bottom of the standings for the five years I first fired Lajoie. It doesn’t sow defeat to better try to reap victory.”

“This latter approach[Hughes and Gorton’s approach]no matter what organization you use, bothers me. The Bruins start every season with the clear and stated goal of winning 82 games. In September, this club doesn’t ask if it’s going to be in the playoffs. It wonders how it’s going to survive. up late.”

“And that’s what you have to achieve in Montreal. You have to get to a position where you say to yourself, ‘We’re going to be there and we’re going to stay up as late as possible.'”

“It’s not true that they always pick the best players. They pick like other teams, but when the optimists go through their system, their scheme and their culture, those who have the smarts to figure it out and join the bandwagon have great black and yellow jobs.

“I’m not convinced that Brad Marchand and even David Pasternak would have had much success elsewhere…”

Tony Marinaro agrees.

There are a lot of things said about him, but I can tell you that if the team had chosen to go down a path other than winning at any cost, he would have come down to the locker room and reminded everyone that things didn’t work that way in Boston.

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