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Calls will finally be less intrusive

Calls will finally be less intrusive

The next major release of Android is gradually revealing its new features to those who are currently testing the new operating system in its first beta version. And one journalist spotted a change to talk about: the ability to disable displaying alerts full screen to reduce them to notification bubbles.

The first beta of Android 14 is available for a few days to owners of certain Pixel devices. This is the case of journalist Mishaal Al-Rahman, who specializes in this particular mobile phone operating system, and who reveals on his account. Twitterand videos in support, his various discoveries in the new features introduced.

One of them can reassure many Android smartphone users. After a fairly simple configuration, it will be possible to reduce all or only some full-screen alerts to simple notification bubbles. This will be valid for alarm clock app, phone calls, WhatsApp videos, etc.

A development that should appeal to people who do not tolerate phone calls well and for whom this is a reality.source of stressThe newspaper also reported in detail 20 minutes In an article on this topic. If the notification is already displayed, the call will present itself in a less intrusive manner.

Reduce incoming calls to a simple notification

After the possibility of forcing apps to use a transparent navigation bar by default which could make all apps prettier, Android 14 development has once again turned to the licenses granted to installed software, and more precisely to how notifications are displayed.

In a series of short demonstration videos posted to Twitter, journalist Mishaal Rahman demonstrates how a wake-up alert or call appears in a notification bubble, rather than filling the screen. Rest assured, this does not mean that we will miss the alert, it simply presents itself more discreetly.

Mini Android 14 feature:

Now you can control whether apps can send you full screen notifications!

This is done by going to Settings > Apps > Special access for apps > Manage full screen goals, as shown in these screenshots.

Mishaal Rahman April 13, 2023

Regarding operation, the journalist specifies that the permission granted to display notifications in full screen mode when installing an application will be revoked very easily and at any time in the settings of Android 14. It also reveals the path to follow: Settings → Applications → Special access to applications → Manage settings full screen.

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As a reminder, the stable version of Android 14 is expected to be released at the end of summer, with a possible release in September 2023. Those who are not lucky enough to test its new features will not have to wait. Long time before finally getting this update.

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