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Calls to China: US senior official says he has obeyed orders

Calls to China: US senior official says he has obeyed orders

He testified before the Senate Committee on Armed Services on Tuesday with other military officers to answer questions from elected officials. Chaotic withdrawal from AfghanistanGeneral Millie was preoccupied with the revelations of the latest book, especially his pre-stage conversations with Beijing, from which he defended himself.

In Danger, Intelligence correspondent Bob Woodward and political correspondent Washington Mail Robert Costa, in particular, a high-ranking U.S. military official contacted his Chinese counterpart twice, once a day before the presidential election in November and after the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

It was confirmed by General Milli, citing US intelligence, that China would be attacked by the end of Donald Trump’s term.

The serviceman spoke about regular contacts with the blessings of senior Trump executives.

The October 30 and January 8 calls were coordinated before and after the Secretary of Defense’s staff. [Mark] Esper and Executive Secretary, [Christopher] Miller, as well as with the Interim Council, He argued from his inaugural statement.

As far as I know, I firmly believe that President Trump does not want to attack the Chinese, and that it is my direct responsibility to convey the President’s orders and intentions., he said.

My goal at the time was expansion.

A quote:General Mark Millie, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces

In mid-September, after the release of parts leading to the sale of Bob Woodward’s latest book on Trump’s presidency, several elected Republican officials shouted. Treachery He even called for the resignation of General Millie or his appearance before a military tribunal, accusing him of violating his duties.

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My faith in this country, its people and the Constitution has not changed, it will not change as long as I breatheHowever, he supported the commander-in-chief of the US forces.

I firmly believe that civilian control of the military is a fundamental principle necessary for this republic, and I am committed to ensuring that the military stays away from domestic politics.He promised to be with her any time Try Modifying or influencing the process, usurpation of power or [s]Insert into command chain.

Millie denies suspecting Trump’s mental state

General Millie denied that he had any doubts about his mood at the end of the former Republican presidential decree, according to another report in the book by journalists Woodward and Costa.

Mr. General Mille. They report that when Trump called, the House Speaker nodded in a January phone conversation with Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Inequality.

The day after Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6, Ms Pelosi telephoned General Milli to confirm that the president could not use nuclear codes.

I explained to him that the President had the power to launch a nuclear attack and that he did not do it alone and that I was not qualified to determine the mental state of the US President.

A quote:Mark Millie, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces

There are procedures, protocols and procedures for this, he said.

Following the release of excerpts from the book on September 15, President Joe Biden renewed his confidence in General Millie.