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California storm kills two, breaks levees

(Pajaro) The new storm that hit California caused impressive flooding that notably broke a dam on the Pajaro River on Saturday, after killing two people and forcing thousands to evacuate.

“We were hoping to avoid this, but the worst case scenario happened with the Pajaro River overflowing and the dam breaking around midnight (Friday and Saturday night),” Luis Alejo, a Monterey County official, said on Twitter Saturday. Central California.

PHOTO NIC COURY, associated press

Cars flooded the streets of Watsonville, California.

The Twitter account of the California National Guard showed photos of rescue operations of residents in their cars, trapped by the massive flood.

At least one road was also literally washed out Friday in a small community in Santa Cruz County, just north of Monterey County.

California Gov. Nancy Ward’s director of emergency services announced Friday that the storm had come “unfortunately […] Two deaths.

This flooding was caused by another storm that swept through California, and it has already been a victim of a particularly rainy winter in recent weeks.

PHOTO NIC COURY, associated press

Two children navigate the flooded streets of Watsonville, California.

Precipitation of up to 23 cm is expected in some places.

This rain, caused by a rather warm depression, was likely to melt part of the extraordinary mass of snow which had accumulated during the previous three months. Sufficient to cause a runoff that is impossible to contain in the waterways of this state in the west of the country.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden approved a state of emergency declaration in California, to facilitate aid from the federal state.

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Numerous evacuation orders have been issued, particularly in Northern California, and have also been affected.

This storm, like most others this winter, is fueled by an “atmospheric river,” a giant duct of rain carrying water vapor stored in the tropics, often around Hawaii, earning them the nickname “Pineapple Express.”

In January, a series of storms caused floods, landslides, and downed multiple trees, killing 20 people.