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Bystanders at the Bell Center: Immunization and Equity Drive Public Health

Bystanders at the Bell Center: Immunization and Equity Drive Public Health

The director of public health, Horacio Arruda, explained that it was inadequate vaccination coverage and the principle of equity that drove the decision to limit the number of spectators to 3,500 at the Bell Center.

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The Montreal Canadiens organization called earlier this week for an increase in the number of spectators for the Stanley Cup final matches.

“I feel frustrated, angry, and misunderstood by Canadians fans. We shouldn’t think we’re not that sensitive. We’re also very proud of Glorious,” he said in an interview with LCN, noting that the Habs went to the final without many fans in attendance.

considered ds Arruda said the principle of preserving the health of the population prevailed in the decision.

“Two-dose vaccination is not high enough in the Quebec population. The solution to more moments together would be with the two doses for the entire population.”

“We have a situation that is still fragile. To increase the atmosphere of the crowd, we wanted to increase outside assistance. That is why we increased the number of people in each location to 5,000 people, with certain conditions.”

The Director of Public Health also argued that the principle of fairness with other sectors of the economy or the world of sport weighed in during the decision.

It creates all kinds of precedents while the conditions for permissibility of vaccination are not yet fulfilled. There are people who have not yet taken their dose, so they are discriminated against. We will get into a waterfall element that we want to avoid this summer as all kinds of other sports, other gatherings and other performances will want to use the concept of vaccination permissibility when vaccination is not important enough,” he said.

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Horacio Arruda noted that COVID cases are increasing rapidly in some parts of the world due to the delta variable.

“Any event that increases internal populations and the amount of contact can generate a transmission event,” he said.