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Buzz Lightyear, an exciting journey through space

Buzz Lightyear, an exciting journey through space

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(© Disney/Pixar)

On the edge of space, after returning from a mission, Buzz Lightyear and his captain Alisha land on an unknown planet, T’Kani Prime. They were hoping to discover new resources but alas! They plunge into dangerous swamps and encounter giant insects. In preparation for the emergency return, they find their ship too damaged to take off. They are stuck. Months pass, but Buzz does not lose hope of returning to Earth.
Having worked on the spacecraft, he conducted a test flight. It failed unfortunately.
Even worse: upon his return, Buzz realizes he’s made a space-time leap. It’s been four years for his friends left behind on T’Kani Prime, and just four minutes for him. But the brave hero continues to go on trials …

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(© Disney/Pixar)

First of all, a clarification: This animated movie is not intended for Buzz Lightyear, one of Andy’s favorite toys, the little kid from Toy Story. The story you tell is the story of the astronaut who inspired this statue. So it is above all a science fiction cartoon, With chases in space, you fight against horrible robots or other ferocious creatures.
Amazing cartoon between star Wars And the transformersThe characters bring a good dose of humor. You’ll especially love Sox, the cat robot He is loved as much as he is gifted for making very complex calculations. He’s been tasked with supporting Buzz so focused on his mission that he forgets everything else. Isn’t friendship and caring for loved ones more important than the desire to succeed at any cost, just out of pride? whether ! This film evokes her with great intelligence and emotion.

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