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"Burkina Faso will not be able to resist the Algerians if..."

“Burkina Faso will not be able to resist the Algerians if…”

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Moamen Ait Qasi Ali
Monday 06 September 2021 22:30

The coach of Niger, the other opponent of the Greens in Group A of the 2022 qualifiers, returns in this interview to the quality of the Burkina Faso team that Algeria will face on Tuesday in Marrakesh, Morocco. Jean-Michel Cavalli, who held the highest level for the Burkina Faso team last Thursday, believes the Greens must find solutions against a Burkinabe team that they present as solid and attractive.

Practice a hard-to-swallow defeat against Burkina Faso that happened in money time, can you come back to it?

First of all, I wanted to play this match in Niamey. But hey, I want to put a big hat on my players, who have withstood this fact of the game. We can all be sorry we missed some opportunities to gain the advantage ahead of Burkina Faso.

Kneeling for a quarter of an hour from the end of this punishment, was it cruel to you?

And indeed that goal is that we take fifteen minutes from the end on a penalty that I consider very controversial, especially if we refer to the pictures we saw after the match. From there, we loosened the focus and then honestly, we have a lot of regrets about this match because we have the means to move forward in this match.

Failed start, but you have a chance to get caught up in Djibouti, how did you find this Burkinabe team, Algeria’s opponent, on Tuesday?

First I will say that there are no pictures between Burkina Faso and Algeria. It is clear that the Algerian selection is much better on all levels, especially now. These are two completely opposite styles, with a more technical and skilled Algerian team, and the Burkinabe playing as a block team with a great deal of strength.

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What do you think will be played?

With their technically strong players and their patience in construction, Algeria will be able to find a hole in the middle of this Burkinabe defense that acts as a block. Burkinabeans also have some good personality traits which are downsides to be wary of. It’s a strong team

What can you say about the weather and terrain conditions you played on Thursday?

Terrain is very good! I will say it is of the same quality as the Blida stadium that I tried before. No, there is nothing to be said for this match we played against Burkina Faso, the pitch was great. After that, I can assure you we didn’t take it apart (laughs). Regarding the heat, it is true that it is high but that should not affect the game.

Finally, Algeria beat Djibouti, so is it the pariah team from the group?

I did not wait for the start of the qualifiers to say that Algeria is the biggest candidate for this group. Now, everything on the ground must be ratified, which is why I will say that if Algeria does not qualify, it is because it has failed in its duty. Other than that, since the draw, I’ve always said the Greens are superior, and then we’ll see what the match results will give. For our part, I always regret that I missed this match against Burina Faso, because I think we have the means to at least fight this Burkinabe team for second place in the group.

Conducted by Moamen Ait Qasi Ali

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